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When a family get trapped in a flooded cave on a remote Yorkshire moor, the local mountain rescue team springs into action. But for one of the team, this rescue is particularly dangerous. Archie Kellet, is about to become a parent alongside his wife, Sophie. Faced with a daring rescue in the same perilous cave system that took the life of his father, he must decide if he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the life of others.

What follows is a race-against-the-clock thriller as Archie, aided by mentor Moreson, friend Joe, and volunteers from his community, sets out to divert the flooded river and descend into the cave. As the energy minister takes control of the rescue site after a fatal accident, a young journalist makes a connection between the recent flooding and the activities of a fracking company who are drilling nearby.

Eventually events lead Archie and his team towards the unthinkable – a unsanctioned, incredibly dangerous and maybe impossible rescue via the resurgence channel of the cave. Completing the journey that took the life of his own father. Whilst Edie, the mother of the trapped family, fights with every inch of her soul to guide her two young children through the cave and bring them to freedom.

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